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Glued to Games, a new book by Scott Rigby and Rich Ryan that explains the motivational dynamics of video games, can be ordered now at Written for all audiences, this book explores the psychology of games in detail - offering every reader a stronger understanding of the remarkable power of games to engage us.  Check it out!


About Immersyve

Because your customers can choose to go elsewhere with the click of a button, it’s not enough anymore to simply capture their attention in the moment. It's critical to understand what keeps them engaged with you: Coming back again and again and evangelizing you to others.

Immersyve helps you do that more effectively. We are a consortium of expert researchers and interactive development professionals that have published hundreds of studies on the science of motivation and sustained engagement, and have worked with some of the world’s biggest companies to design and optimize products that build long-term relationships with customers.

Our commitment is to advance an objective and data-driven understanding of motivation that can be applied to the benefit customers and businesses alike, building deeper satisfaction and success simultaneously.

Here are some specific ways we do that for our clients and partners:

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